Pratt Emergency Portable Eyewash 45L with T & Hand Held Assy, Portable Eye & Body Wash - DG Safety

Pratt Emergency Portable Eyewash 45L with T & Hand Held Assy


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45L Pressurised Portable Eye and Body Wash Station

With Pratt Portable Eye and Body Wash Station, you can have a safe workplace no matter where you are.  Pratt portable self-contained eye wash unit are essential for fire and emergency teams, drivers carrying dangerous substances, and those working in remote places in mining, agriculture and construction where  plumbed water supply is unavailable.

This portable solution help minimise an injury by providing an initial flush/ spray to the eyes, face and body.

This tank holds up to 45 litres of potable water and is pressurised with compressed air


  • 45L Stainless Steel tank with air valve inlet, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge and carry handles.
  • Twin soft stream eye wash nozzles with dust caps
  • Hand held eye and body wash including braided hose assembly, large soft water stream and dust cover.
Hand operated
Eye Wash Flow Rate:
1.5 - 3.8 LPM
Material of Construction:
304 Stainless Steel
Australian Standard:

General Features

  • Models SE50P and 5132 are classified as Supplemental Equipment in accordance with AS4775. Supplemental Equipment shall provide immediate flushing to support plumbed or self-contained equipment but shall not replace them.
  • Model SE4050 is classified as a Self-Contained Eye Wash Station in accordance with AS4775.