About Us

DG Safety was developed to assist in making the workplace safer, more efficient, more cost effective and compliant for workers, who have to work with Dangerous Goods. We specialise in the supply of Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets and Safety showers and Eye washes.

We have fifteen years experience in the supply and distribution of these products throughout Australia and the Pacific.

DG Safety is focused on three objectives to make your life easier:-

1. Compliance.

Your workplace, worksite, warehouse, maybe even your garage needs to comply with the relevant New Zealand Standards. Compliance to the relevant standards ensures your business is protected from lawsuits (either employee or environmental issues) and may lower your insurance premiums. DG Safety can help explain the requirements and provide simple solutions for your site.

2. Protect your Assets.

The most critical part of what we achieve at DG Safety is the protection of your assets. This includes your warehouse and facilities, but most importantly your workers.

Ensuring that your workers have the right Dangerous or Hazardous Goods Storage Cabinet helps maintain a clean, neat, tidy and more productive site. The goods are stored safely, they have sump protection and self closing doors in the event of a fire. The goods can be stored close to the worksite enhancing productivity and reducing the risk of spillage as it does not need to be carried to a different area of your workplace.

Dangerous Goods Storage cabinets also provide a vital safety window for workers to evacuate the site safely before an explosion, or time for Emergency Services to put out the fire before the Dangerous Goods ignite.

An emergency Safety Shower or eyewash provides the critical emergency first response when an employee comes into contact with a dangerous chemical. The safety shower and eyewash can save their eyes and skin from hazardous chemical burns.

3. Make your life easy.

At DG Safety we understand that sourcing the correct DG Safety equipment is not your core function. You need to quickly and easily find a great solution that complies with standards and protects your workers and assets. Therefore we are here to help with good stock quantities, friendly customer service and dangerous goods safety solutions delivered to your door. Hassle free. This lets you get back to your critical profit generating activities

Pratt Safety Systems

DG Safety is pleased to offer products manufactured by one of the world's leading Dangerous Goods Cabinets, Safety showers and emergency eye wash manufacturers in Pratt Safety Systems.

For over 40 years, Pratt Safety Systems has been supplying quality site safety and environmental protection products including Dangerous Goods Cabinets and Safety Showers throughout Australia and the pacific region. Pratt Safety was the first company to introduce Dangerous Goods Cabinets into Australia.

All of their cabinets are designed and manufactured to comply with all of the relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards

Pratt Safety Highlights Reel

  • Introduced Safety Showers to Australian Market in 1968 through manufacturing agreement with Speakman Company (USA).
  • Introduced Safety Cabinets and Cans into Australian Market in 1981.