Pratt Emergency Eye Wash - Gravity Fed Portable Unit 35L, Portable Eye & Body Wash - DG Safety

Pratt Emergency Eye Wash - Gravity Fed Portable Unit 35L


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Portable Eyewash Station (35L)

A secure and cost effective solution for an eyewash station where plumbed
water is not available.

Pratt Safety Systems can provide you with strong and reliable equipment for any workplace requirements. You have a peace of mind knowing that you’re providing your employees with the best initial first aid treatment for chemical burns and injuries.

Dimension (mm):
370H x 555W x 255D mm
Material of Construction:
Australian Standard:
AS4775 & ANSI Z358.1

General Features

  • Models SE50P and 5132 are classified as Supplemental Equipment in accordance with AS4775. Supplemental Equipment shall provide immediate flushing to support plumbed or self-contained equipment but shall not replace them.
  • Model SE4050 is classified as a Self-Contained Eye Wash Station in accordance with AS4775.