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Emergency Safety Eye/Face Wash Wall Mounted, Hand Operated


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This is an advanced six-nozzle design that delivers a gentle cascade of aerated water to rinse away contaminants without further damaging delicate eye and skin tissue.

The Robust eye/face wash nozzles are made from thermoplastic resin for excellent weather resistance.

Foot pedal option available for custom orders.

Hand operated
Dimension (mm):
235H x 470W x 330D mm
Rec Min Connection:
Rec Min Supply:
40 LPM
Eye Wash Flow Rate:
30 LPM
Minimum Pressure:
210 kPa
Material of Construction:
304 stainless steel
Australian Standard:

General Features

  • Bowl, manifold, handle assembly, wall bracket, drain connector, pedestal and treadle assembly made of 304 stainless steel.
  • Ball valve made of 316 stainless steel.
  • SE series includes triple aerostream eye-face wash nozzles including 3 aerators and self closing dust cover. Made of AES yellow plastic.
  • PEM series includes single non aerated softstream eye-face wash nozzles with dust caps. Also made of AES yellow plastic.
  • Individual flow control adjustment for each nozzle.