30L Organic Peroxide Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinet


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30L Organic Peroxide Storage Cabinet

This range of cabinets is for the storage of organic peroxides in liquid or solid form as classified by the United Nations criteria and the ADG Code for Dangerous Goods.

These include chemicals such as Acetyl Acetone Peroxide, Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxides and Dibenzoyl Peroxide.

Special Features:

  • Cabinet is fitted with a non latching door
  • Includes recessed handle without key lock facility
  • Includes magnetic catch that will release in the event of a build-up of pressure within the cabinet (as required by this Standard)
30kg or L
Material of Construction:
Double Steel Walls
Australian Standard:
Extra Shelf:
External (mm):
770(h) x 515(w) x 465(d)
Internal (mm):
525(h) x 420(w) x 370(d)

Special Features

  • Continuous piano type door hinges providing long term durability.
  • New recessed handle. Eliminates accidental damage and clothing catching on handle.
  • Soft action self closing door, with sequential action for dual door cabinets, providing hands free operation.
  • Doors held shut with magnetic catch, to allow doors open in the event of a build-up of pressure within the cabinet.
  • Organic Peroxide diamond and other labels for correct identification.

Australian Standard Compliance

Pratt Indoor Organic Peroxide Storage Cabinets comply with the Australian Standard AS 2714 "The Storage and Handling of Organic Peroxides".